Facts About A Global Business Company

According to the Financial Services Development Act 2001, a Global Business Company is committed to have qualified business done globally. This company is based in Mauritius and dealing with the people who are residing out of Mauritius. Global Business Company deals in the countries where they can conduct business in currencies other than Mauritius rupees.

Well, this is the predefined structure for any corporate body, partnership, individual, society, trust or a limited liability partnership and various other high-profile business enterprises.

Any Global Business Licence 1 Company can incorporate locally or can be enrolled as a branch of any foreign company. Only few public or government holding companies such as those of in banking, fund managing, insurance and beneficiary companies of DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements), can be enrolled as a Global Business Licence 1 Company.

Under the implementation of the Financial Services Development Act 2001 the GBL-1 Companies are not authorized to reveal any information. The confidentialities are strictly maintained and none of the organizational and individual bodies can reveal any documents to any judiciary bodies including court, inquiry committees, tribunals and any other Mauritius authorities until and unless they are ordered by a Court of Law with a petition from the Director of Public Prosecution. Even the Court of Law is authorized to do so only in certain cases like tracking of illegal drugs, narcotics, unlicensed weapons, smuggling and illegal money laundering. However, on the receipt of application to FSC, it is a must to disclose full information as and when it is required.

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